Originally the park featured an artifical mound, but this was replaced in Summer of 2009 with a clay mound. The Fieldturf on the blue field was the University of Arkansas Football Field in Little Rock. The first field was started in Fall of 2007 and completed in Summer of 2008 faces Southeast is 323 to Left, 386 to center, 315 to right.

On Sundays, Cole's Flea Market in Pearland will make traffic very difficult to navigate from the West or North. Coastal Baseball Park was originally supposed to be a bridge to get trucks in and out of Beltway 8 and prevent the long delays of going around the railroad tracks of Mykawa Road. The land was previously owned in 2007 by FREEWAY BAPTIST CHURCH. In 1996 Beltway 8 was built however making landlocked properties and abandoned properties have huge value, The land had been given to Freeway Baptist Church when the off ramp from new Beltway 8 missed the land by 100 yards. Making access much worse and the property much lower in commercial value. The PASTERNAK Estates of Pearland were the original owners and owned the land for many years.

Since 2007 the Southbelt has grown with businesses building new locations almost every month.

Since 2007 there have been 5 floods/hurricanes that have effective the area. Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Harvey, Tax Day Flood, and Memorial Day Flood have all ravaged the South Belt. Yet the area continues to grow.

In 2020 both Coastal Black and Coastal Yellow were rebuilt. The blue astro turf was removed and replaced with Yellow and Green Turf from U of H and Baylor. In 2020 Coastal Baseball Park hosted the Pecos League's entire season. Coastal's Black Field opened for the Summer of 2010 Season and has the Cincinnati Reds MLB outfield fence. It was resurfaced in 2014 Coastal Park has one of the only Batter's Eyes in Houston for great hitters visibility. (Nov 22, 2014 resurface black after hurricane), Coastal Blue Field was built in 2007 with field turf from the University of Arkansas.