Welcome to the homepage of Coastal Baseball. Coastal Baseball is a Baseball League located in Houston, Texas and is home to Adult Baseball, Summer College Baseball and Semi-Pro Baseball 11 months out of the year. 2020 will mark the 13th year of Coastal Baseball. Coastal Baseball Parks are located on the Beltway 8 feeder in between Telephone and Mykawa.

Coastal Baseball Adult City League Rules

  • 1. All Home Teams are required to take the field at schedule start time.
  • 2. Each Team is to provide umpires 2 baseballs before the start of each game.
  • 3. Each Team must submit a lineup card to the other team with starting pitcher and batting lineup.
  • 4. Each Team must bat 9 players and must declare A/B Batting Order
  • 5. If a team has 8 players they can bat only 8
  • 6. If a team has 7 players then the team will take an out for the 8th batter, it cannot be the last out of an inning.
  • 7. If a player leaves during the game and leaves the team with 8 players then his spot is skipped
  • 8. If a player leaves during the game and leaves the team with 7 players then an out is taken in his spot
  • 7. Only the starting pitcher can re-enter as a pitcher any other relief pitcher can not re-enter
  • 8. Games have a 2:30 hour Time Limit, no inning can start after 2:30
  • 9. All players are required to be in uniforms with matching jerseys, pants and hats are required
  • 10. Players are not allowed to wear blue jeans, slacks or shorts
  • 11. Metal Spikes are not recommended at Coastal Baseball Park. Mold Cleats are best shoe to wear.
  • 12. The hidden ball trick is illegal in Coastal Baseball
  • 13. There is no malicious contact in Coastal Baseball. You may not run over catcher or baserunner.
  • 14. Baseballs-All Teams shall use league approved multi-color pro seem baseballs.
  • 15. Bats-Coastal Baseball uses wooden bats only Wooden Bats must not be cracked. Composite bats are ok.
  • 16. Bats tape is not allowed past the 18" mark on bats
  • 17. Pitchers may not pitch in white sleeves
  • 18. No Sunflower seeds are allowed
  • 19. Players are not allowed to drink alcohol before or while they are playing
  • 20. Only one hitter allowed in on-deck circle
  • 21. Players must stay in on-deck circle
  • 22. Any ejected player must go to the parking lot.